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On July 16th, I delivered a workshop on WordPress For Beginners at Cloud.ca, as part of the workshop series leading up to WordCamp Montreal. It was a great evening. We had about 20 attendees. Here are my slides for the workshop on Slideshare

Cover Page for the slides from WordPress For Beginners workshop

Over the course of 2 hours, we did a quick overview on the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, a walkthrough on how to setup WordPress, its components, plugins and how to create a simple website. Thanks to Jonathan Perlman, one of the TAs, who provided each student temporary hosting with fresh installs of WordPress on the Dawson College server. Props to our TAs of the evening: Ann Cascarano, Brian Zerkler, Elida Arrizza, Élise Desaulniers, Jonathan Perlman and Kathryn Presner.. who helped guide the students throughout the workshop and also answering questions during the Q&As.

Also, a personal thank you to Elida and Kathryn who encouraged me to deliver my first talk. I actually have a fear of public speaking. Prior to the talk, they provided me support and tips on how to deliver an effective workshop. You can find some of the resources at Get Speaking!, a website Kathryn started with her colleagues at Automattic..

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