Videri is an exciting IoT / hardware company that is redefining the way we experience private & public space through the innovative technologies of digital screens called Liveboards. Partnered with Outfront Media, they have digitally transformed modern, traditional public advertising into an experience that is more engaging, intelligent and personalized.


Due to the confidential nature of the project, the designs can only be presented in-person.

My Role

As the UI/UX designer, I was responsible for designing 2 pieces of web software and 1 mobile app:

1) A custom content management software (CMS) with a built-in complex scheduling system and for the advertising company to upload and design their content, curate playlists, create complex rule-based schedules, and generate analytics reports.

2) A custom device management software for the operations team to effectively deploy, monitor and maintain the devices in the field.

3) A bluetooth connectivity mobile app for the operation team to connect the Liveboards to the internet and into our device management system.

I worked cross-functionally with the developers and product managers to flesh out user stories, technical and business requirements. Most of the time, I worked closely with my main users who were the live and tech operators. They were the ones handling the devices and working in the front lines with our clients. I included them as required in my design process. With each software update, I partnered up with the technical writer to create the documentation.

Tools and Techniques

  • UX research
  • User journey mapping
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • User Testing
  • Visual / UI design for web and mobile
  • Sketch, Zeplin, Photoshop, Ilustrator, Marvel, Invision App