Expand The Pie

Expand The Pie is an Alexa skill that teaches you on the art of salary negotiations. Using this conversational interface, users will build confidence through answering questions in various scenarios and develop their salary negotiation skills. If the users require further help, the digital coach can connect them real life coaches who can offer personalized coaching sessions. Click here to check out the prototype. (Required: a Chrome browser)

Click here to check out the prototype

This prototype was conceived at the Driving WinTech / ProtoHack hackathon, where participants were asked to develop solutions for challenges faced by women in tech today. Our team decided to tackle challenges surrounding the gender wage gap.

Team members

Carolyn Chong – Product Manager
Benjamin Deverell-Rowlands – Linguist
Alice Phieu – Product Designer
Nadia Tahiri – Data Scientist

Tools and techniques

  • Prototyping with Botsociety