Late Excuse Generator


On a spur of the moment, I whipped up late excuses generator website for my colleagues who need a valid and believable excuse for being late. I haven’t touched code in almost 2 years, so this was a fun little exercise for the evening. There is a lot that I have to relearn. Some of the excuses here have been recycled from our Slack channel. Perhaps my next project could be a late excuse bot? 😀

Click here to visit my Late Excuses Generator

Welcome to my new website


RIP 2004-2014. The 90s are over. Goodbye tables! Click here to visit my old site. iMac G3 rendering by Claudio Gomboli

Welcome to my new website! I am super happy about soft launching this site today because it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for so long. I’m also excited to be blogging again. I will be blogging about my work, my process, my thoughts on design and technology, sharing freebies, and much more.

I want to take a moment to say thank you and dedicate this inaugural post to a bunch of people who have motivated and inspired me as a visual designer to expand into UX and web development: the amazing Montreal WordPress community (Ryan, Kathryn, Michal & Elida…it only took four WordCamps for me to switch my site to WordPress!), the mentors and organizers of Montreal Girl Geeks and Ladies Learning Code, Adrian, Christian, Isabel, Benoit, and my teacher Ziad.

Thank you. Come again 🙂